On Chastity: The Wounded Heart of Jesus (Lent Part Seven)

Veröffentlicht am 31.03.2021
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Jesus has a wounded human heart; he allowed himself to be fully wounded this way. If it had only been his hands or feet, he would’ve survived.

How do we allow ourselves to be wounded for him? My sacrifices thus far are survivable. I could still be intact on my own. He gave us everything; we can’t turn back.

Evangelical chastity is the full, total gift of your heart, which is set on fire with love for God and for one another.

Jesus teaches us a new way to love on the cross — one that lines up with our desires. We want to love differently, but we’re tempted to settle. There’s a real fear in getting our hopes up.

The Father wants you to get your hopes up.

Set your hopes high for intimacy — for the union and the love that is possible.

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