Your Stuff Is Holding You Back

Veröffentlicht am 16.06.2021
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Ever try to connect with the person right in front of you… but he or she is staring at a phone, totally preoccupied? You want to jump in and say, “Look up! Look at me.”

How often are we those preoccupied people in prayer?

We have to be real about attachment. Whether we like it or not, our humanity is into stuff. In our weakness, we can get attached to stuff, which can serve us or not serve us. It’s a burden.

Instead: lean into the freedom of simplicity, at the service of intimacy.

We only have so much emotional and spiritual energy throughout the day. And after all—the lilies don’t get up in the morning and have to pick out their nicest dresses. Can we give God our full attention by being less cluttered in our thinking or our environments?

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